Mbed Weather Station With Twitter

Georgia Tech ECE 4180 Project. By Moses Isang and Kevin Moore

This mini design project implemented a weather station using the Sparkfun Weather Meters. The Weather meter includes a wind vane, an anemometer and a rain gauge and is interfaced to the mbed using 2 RJ-11 breakout boards. Also for temperature and humidity readings, a SHT-15 Temperature and Humidity breakout board is used. The weather parameters are read to the mbed and posted to Tweeter periodically.


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  • Rain gauge output to p10 on mbed (pulled up with 10k resistor)
  • Wind vane output to p15 on mbed (pulled up with 10k resistor)
  • Anemometer output to p8 on mbed (pulled up with 10k resistor)
  • Temp/Humidity sensor to pins 27/28 on mbed
  • Ethernet p8 to RD-, p7 to RD+, p1 to TD+, p2 to TD-


Libraries Used include:

#include "mbed.h"
#include "sht15.hpp"
#include "WeatherMeters.h"
#include "EthernetNetIf.h"
#include "SuperTweetV1XML.h"

#define YOUR_ACCOUNT    "USERNAME"  /*SuperTweet username*/
#define YOUR_PASSWORD   "PASSWORD"        /*SuperTweet password*/

Serial pc(USBTX, USBRX); /*tx, rx*/
WeatherMeters station(p8, p15, p10, Weather_auto);/*Weather meter init*/
SHTx::SHT15 sensor(p28, p27);  /*Temp & Humidity Init*/

/*Twitter Code*/
extern "C" void mbed_reset();
EthernetNetIf net;
SuperTweetV1XML st(YOUR_ACCOUNT, YOUR_PASSWORD); //SuperTweet Object
Ticker twitter;

/*Weather Globals*/
float w_speed = 0.0;
float w_direction = 0.0;
float w_raingauge = 0.0;
float temperature = 0.0;
float humidity = 0.0;

/*Tweeter Globals*/
char text[BUFSIZ];
int cnt = 0;
int count = 0;

 * Callback function for postStatusesUpdate.
 * @param buf A pointer to a buffer.
 * @param siz A size of the buffer.
void func(char *buf, size_t siz) {
#if 0
     * This is for checking a response.
    for (int i = 0; i < siz; i++) {
        printf("%c", buf[i]);

/*Method called periodically to post weather to Twitter*/
void twitterPost() {
   snprintf(text, sizeof(text), "Current Weather in the ECE 4180 lab!\n\nWind Speed : %f m/s\nWind Direction : %f degrees\nRain Gauge : %f mm/hr\nTemperature : %3.2f degrees F\nHumidity : %3.2f %%", w_speed, w_direction, w_raingauge, temperature, humidity);
   HTTPResult r = st.postStatusesUpdate(std::string(text), func);
   printf("r=%d\n", (int)r);

    * Note:
    * I don't know why sometime it get a error.
    * I think it a bug in a mbed library
   if (r != 0) {

int main() {

    sensor.setOTPReload(false);/*set to false for faster readings from temp & humidity sensor*/
    /*More Twitter Code*/

    EthernetErr err = net.setup();
    if (err) {
        pc.printf("Network setup failed.\n");
    pc.printf("Setup OK\n");  

   /*Attach twitterPost to twitter ticker to be called periodically*/
   twitter.attach(&twitterPost, 90);

    while(1) {

        /* Get weather readings from sensors*/    
        w_speed = station.get_windspeed();
        w_direction = station.get_windvane();
        w_raingauge = station.get_raingauge();
        temperature = sensor.getTemperature();
        humidity = sensor.getHumidity();

        /*Print to COM Port for debugging*/
        pc.printf("Wind speed: %f\r\n",w_speed);
        pc.printf("Wind direction: %f\r\n",w_direction);
        pc.printf("Rain Gauge: %f\r\n",w_raingauge);
        /*Temperature in fahrenheit*/
        pc.printf("Temperature: [ %3.2f F ]\r\n", temperature);
        /*Relative Humidity*/
        pc.printf("Humdity:    [ %3.2f %% ]\r\n\n", humidity);

Twitter Output


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Dear Sir /Madam

Will this code work with a sparkfun Weather shield which will interface with a Nucleo F446RE MCU , thanks

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