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Issue: Update nRF51 SDK (8.0 to 10.0)

mbed seems to ship with Nordic's nRF51 SDK at version 8.0 included. I generally don't mind to so much that mbed relies on that older version of the SDK. I however would like to be able to test out the new experimental features Nordic is currently building in the latest SDK v.10.0.

Is there a good way to have two SDK versions co existing or can I patch the new version in myself?


20 Nov 2015

Hello Raphael,

We're currently working on splitting the ble-nrf51822 module into the nRF-SDK and the component which maps BLE_API onto the SDK. This split will allow trying out updated versions of the SDK; or switch between multiple versions of the SDK. We'll also shortly update to using the latest SDK by default.

If you wish to gain visibility into this process, please file an issue against We'll then link that issue with our internal work-item.

You can expect to see the first of these changes within the next 2 weeks.


20 Nov 2015

@rph8 One small addition, please use github repositories (ble in this case), to report issues/request new features, etc. Thanks