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Issue: Pinname A6(PA_7) and A7(PA_2) are undeclared in NUCLEO-F303K8; and these pins cannot be used as AnalogIn.

Pinname A6(PA_7) and A7(PA_2) are undelared in NUCLEO-F303K8. If I use PA_7 and PA_2 instead, I can compile a program with no error.

Moreover, if I try to use PA_7 and PA_2 pins as AnalogIn, the written program is always hanged up.

The example is as below;


AnalogIn analog_test(PA_2); 
pc.printf("Value: %f\r\n",;

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24 Nov 2015

Hello, Exact, those defines are missing for F303K8. We'll add them. Anyway the A7(PA_2) is used for the virtual com port TX part. This means you cannot use it both for the printf and AnalogIn at the same time.

Please refer to the schematics here

You can use it for AnalogIn if you don't use the printf. You can also unsolder the SB2 to break the link to STLink once your program is mature and doesn't need any debug information. Cheers