Official mbed Real Time Operating System based on the RTX implementation of the CMSIS-RTOS API open standard.

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Issue: KL05Z (Closed: Fixed)

The mbed-rtos source are missing #ifdef options for the KL05Z. Importing the basic_rtos project and building fails.

To fix:

In RTX_Conf_CM.c Adding:


after all the places where the KL25Z is defined

and in RTX_CM_lib.h Adding:

  1. elif defined(TARGET_KL05Z)
  2. define INITIAL_SP (0x20000C00UL)

after the similar section for the KL25Z

appears to fix things.


11 Apr 2014

Hello nicholas chen,

thanks for reporting an issue. The KL05Z is not supported by mbed RTOS at the moment. Are you familiar with git ? There is the mbed repository on github where you can issue a new pull request with this addition or also report issues.

I can test and add KL05Z there.


11 Apr 2014

Sorry about mangling the code in my initial post.

Add defined(TARGET_KL05Z)" to the parts of the code that are ifdef based on the target. e.g.


#  elif defined(TARGET_LPC11U24) || defined(TARGET_LPC11U35_401)  || defined(TARGET_LPC11U35_501) || defined(TARGET_LPC1114) || defined(TARGET_LPC812) || defined(TARGET_KL25Z) || defined(TARGET_KL05Z) || defined(TARGET_STM32F100RB)  || defined(TARGET_STM32F051R8)

And then add the following line:


// This define should be probably moved to the CMSIS layer
#if   defined(TARGET_LPC1768)
#define INITIAL_SP            (0x10008000UL)
#elif defined(TARGET_KL05Z)
#define INITIAL_SP            (0x20000C00UL)
11 Apr 2014

Ah, thanks for the pointer to the git site. I'll continue the discussion there.