Home automation

I currently run a rudimentary home automation system on a PC which is switched on 24/7. I want to transfer the functions of this to the mbed so I can sleep the PC to save energy (although it also doubles up as a home theatre PC and Skype to phone interface).

The PC connects via serial to a DACIO 180 interface (PIC based) which is connected to the central heating boiler and also to the house alarm. I have another serial interface to a 3145 temperature board. Whilst these functions could be transferred to the mbed, I'm happy to implement the two serial interfaces on the mbed to avoid a lot of hardware changes. In addition, I have an old T68i mobile connected to the PC to send and receive SMS messages. If implemented, this would require a third serial interface on the mbed.

I'm thinking to have the mbed running a web server for control of the heating. At the same time, the mbed will carry on with the electricity and gas monitoring I have already implementedHome energy monitor and serve up data to pachube (or Google PowerMeter if ever they open up the API).

I'm really keen on some form of intelligent heating control as well (did you see the price of gas in the UK)!

In progress

DACIO 180 interface



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