Programmable IR Receiver SIS-2

General Information


The SIS-2 monitors an IR receiver, and when a certain remote code is detected, an output pin will toggle. Two outputs are available and any code on any remote can be taught to the SIS-2. This makes it simple to implement an infrared (IR) remote controllable switching solution for a wide variety of applications. When used with an inexpensive IR receiver module, the SIS-2 recognizes IR signals from 2 independent IR remote control sources, and provides 2 modes of switching for your application.

The IR sources can be from the same or multiple remotes. Works with over 99% of IR remotes, both universal and dedicated types. IR code is easily “taught“ by user with a few simple button presses on the IR remote. IR code is stored in non-volatile, re-programmable memory. Applications include switching and on/off control of two sources, volume control, digital pots, and servos.

Basic Program

Import programprogrammable_ir_reciever_SIS-2

Basic program that interfaces with a SIS-2 programmable IR reciever

Initial start up of program will cause Output1 to be pulled high. When the first IR signal is read in from an attached IR receiver module, Output1 will be pulled low. When the first IR signal is no longer received, the Output1 will be pulled high again, indicating the chip is ready to receive the first signal again. Repeat for the first signal until Output1 toggles multiple times, then repeat steps for the second IR signal. Afterwards, Output1 will correspond to input from the first IR signal and Output2 will correspond to input from the second IR signal.


The IR receiver used in the demo is a Sparkfun TSOP85 IR Reciever on a breakout board.


The SIS-2 programmable IR receiver can operate in 3 modes.

Mode Select(P7)(mode)Vdd(P4)(discrete)
Mode 101
Mode 211
Discrete Button00

Mode 1 will toggle Output1 and Output2 whenever either IR signal is received.

Mode 2 will pull Output1 and Output2 high while either IR signals are being received.

Discrete button mode will turn on Output1 when the first IR signal is received and turn off when the second IR signal is received.

Pin Connections

mbed PinSIS-2 Pin
P7Learn (P6)
P8Mode Select(P7)


SIS-2 product page and data sheet:

TSOP85 product page and data sheet:

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