Dependents of HTTPClient

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Universal Translator
This program plays an internet radio audio stream like Shoutcast. and, Internet, mbed, Radio, sparkfun, using, VS1053
Student project by David Berlin and Boris Dogadov made for the Embedded Systems Workshop course given in Tel-Aviv University on 2010 by Sivan Toledo. Visit the project website for more … Dropbox, Host, mass, storage, USB
mbed Weather Platform firmware
mbed Weather Platform firmware bmp085, Pachube, SHT15, station, twitter, weather
日本語表示に対応したRSSヘッドラインリーダです。 詳細は、エレキジャックWebをご参照ください。 BlackOne, Kanji, LCD
Sample code using OAuth library for twitter. OAuth, twitter
Programa que publica mensajes en tu cuenta de Twitter cada vez que se reconoce un Tag RFID. pwm, RFID, twitter
TwitterExample with newer library (2012Aug) twitter
Twitter with OAuth Example.\\ see also OAuth, twitter
The original snake game for the mbedgc mbedgc
GPS Tweeter program that tweets the device's GPS location every 5 minutes.
File Downloader to USB msc, sd card and local directory
File Downloader to USB msc, sd card and local directory
Firmware remote update
Full code to read temperature and post to Think Speak (not working)
Transmit data from mbed to thingspeak using wifi module
Weather application for ECE4180 Project.