About me and my projects

My Libraries and Programs

I started to use the MBED modules because I wanted to access my pellets heating system from everywhere. The system works with a LON bus and allows one to access all kinds of parameters via USB Interface. Here is a picture of my project in ist current state : /media/uploads/leihen/paradigmadatalogger.jpg

To get there I tried a lot of different libraries and also created a few which I though I would Need. Here is the list of the different libraries and programs I have created so far (including the actual status w.r.t. to testing and completeness).

  1. WLAN items
    1. WiflyHTTPServerSample tested and working.
    2. WiFlyHTTPServer Single instance HTTP Server library using WiFly module.
    3. MultiThreadingHTTPServer Multithreaded Version of the HTTP Server on the WiFly module.
    4. WifiPlusClick Wifi library using the WifiPlusClick HW from MikroElektronika.com.
    5. WifiPlusKlickExample Sample application for using the WifiPlusClick library and HW module.
  2. Ethernet items
    1. HTTPServer Working library of an HTTP server using the new Ethernet library from MBED.
    2. EthHTTPServer Working sample application on the Basis of HTTPServer.
  3. Sensor items
    1. RTC-DS1307 my own library for the use of a I2C DS1307 temperature sensor.
    2. Rtc_Ds1307_Sample a sample application using the RTC-DS1307 library.

Here is my Equipment:

  • 2 x LPC1768
  • Application Board
  • RN-XV Roving Networks WLAN Module
  • WifiPlusClick Module from MikroElektronika : 200
  • Graphical LCD Display 4.3" with SD Card Socket : 200
  • Graphical LCD Display 3.2"
  • Pretty Standard text LCD Display 2*16


This is to show how the WLAN Module has to be mounted.: /media/uploads/leihen/_scaled_wp_20130528_001.jpg

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