Debug tools / show registers, memory and system clock data

Dependencies:   mbed CheckRTC

Target mbed board

ST Nucleo L152RE
ST NUcleo F401RE
ST Nucleo F411RE

Command structure


1 - goto step1 -> no connection all pins
2 - goto step2 -> connects pin_x and pin_y (not impliment yet)
t - Check and set RTC
x - Goto HW monitor
q - Return to main


l - Check LED
b - Check button
s - CPU system info & clock
o - CPU clock output (Bug fix, port_mco1_mco2_set() function. Thanks Topi Makinen on April 25th, 2015)

>x(Hardware level monitor)

m - Entry Memory Mode
m>? -> Aditinal functions can see by ?
r - Entry Register Mode
r>? -> Aditinal functions can see by ?
s - System Clock -> sf, System / CPU information -> sc
q - Quit (back to called routine)
p - Entry Port Mode
p>? -> Aditinal functions can see by ?


Please modify "mon_hw_config.h" file for your purpose.
Especially LPC114FN28 has small memory, you cannot run your own program together with this program.
You don't need any additional HW. Just connect with PC via terminal software.


Due to several CPU's and short development time, I cannot grantee the quality level and several functions are not available yet.
If you found the bug, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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