Dependents of TextLCD

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Data logger: Sensors -> Barometer & temperature (BMP180), Humidity & temp. (RHT03), Sunshine (Cds): Display -> 20 chracters x 4 lines: Strage -> EEPROM (AT24C1024): Special functions -> Enter sleep … AT24C1024, BMP180, cds, M41T62, RHT03, TextLCD, wakeup
Time adjustment and display. Adjustment via Com line and Display on LCD. RTC, TextLCD
Accurate Frequency Counter up to 25MHz. Base clock is compensated by GPS 1PPS pulse. This program runs only on mbed NucleoF411RE. F411RE, Frequency Counter, GPS
CW Decoder (Morse code decoder) 1st release version. Only run on Nucleo-F446RE mbed board. CW, decoder, FFT, Morse
check program for VL53L0X_simple library distance, sensor, TOF, VL53L0X
Only for mbed LPC1768, mbed LPC1114FN28, Nucleo-F401 and Nucleo-F411. No way to change pin assign. counter, frequency, LPC1114, LPC1768, stm32f401, STM32F411
Based on F401 example.Changed reset sequence and added RESET control and Power On/Off control. Check several mbed, LPC1768, LPC1114, NucleoF401RE, F411RE, L152RE and GR-PEACH BNO055, Bosch, fusion, gyro, MAG
Barometer program : Data Logger function includes Barometer & temperature (BMP180), Humidity & temp. (RHT03), Sunshine (Cds), RTC(M41T62) data. : Logging data saves into EEPROM (AT24C1024) using ring buffer function. LPC1114FN28
Sample code with BluePill STM32F103C8 and Oled SSD1306 and LCD1602 on same connect on DS18B20. DS18b20;SSD1306;LCD1602
Ecran double sur port I2C