This is library for using WizFi250

Dependents:   WebSocket_WizFi250_HelloWorld IFTTT_WizFi250 AxedaGo-WizFi250 FANARM_AP_udp_server ... more


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
22:f29dd1d06e89 2015-11-18 kaizen Changed Antenna value default tip
21:86e26540cc84 2015-10-28 kaizen Add function to change antenna option
20:4fd47f387930 2015-10-21 kaizen fixed problem when using NTP Client
19:de5cace1393e 2015-10-21 kaizen fixed socket close problem
18:3a2282277ad0 2015-07-30 kaizen fixed bug about udp server
17:2a20f54f2929 2015-07-30 kaizen revert previous version
16:8c69e246be54 2015-07-30 kaizen modified bug when use udpserver
15:67cb9c94f534 2015-07-30 kaizen Increase timeout value when using AT+FDNS command
14:1f5121c5efcd 2015-07-14 kaizen Added function for WizFi250 AP mode.; Added function for setting static ip address to WizFi250.
13:0b8e51d3c0e8 2015-06-26 kaizen Remove debug member variable for WizFi250.
12:bb8e979df6df 2015-06-25 kaizen Modified recv_from function of UDP.
11:e52b91d1a5d5 2015-06-24 kaizen Modified problem when MCU call the send all function as revision history.; Modified receive function.
10:187e3fd24123 2015-06-22 kaizen Fixed some compile error
9:12ecb377f63f 2015-06-19 kaizen8501 Fixed Bug when using TCP Server, TCP Client
8:431172d536ee 2014-11-14 DongEun Koak Had some refactoring
7:ba28fe711055 2014-11-14 DongEun Koak Fixed bug in init function of WizFi250.
6:e149bf87a1bd 2014-11-14 DongEun Koak WizFi250 couldn't use usb serial port in application layer.
5:8a0702aa91e3 2014-11-14 DongEun Koak Change name of macro for debugging.
4:085e7efeae47 2014-11-14 DongEun Koak Modified source code for removing warning message from compiler.
3:bb87855a8277 2014-11-13 Modified source code for solving compile error.
2:eb83da9deb2d 2014-06-03 kaizen Delete debug message
1:23e6f886c8f1 2014-06-03 kaizen Modified Compile Error
0:f2039204c8f6 2014-06-02 kaizen WizFi250 Library First Release