Adafruit OLED Libary

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Fork of Adafruit_GFX by Neal Horman


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
18:3112550cc6a3 2015-06-23kaizenFixed display function bug default tip
17:e42e6f9c84e0 2015-06-23kaizenFixed bug; It can't display the text after using display function. This problem is fixed;
16:7fb1d4d3525d 2014-11-11JojoSremoved test comments
15:77feec1c0684 2014-11-11JojoScopy in line 211 requires index-1 because x starts at offset 1 and not at 0.
14:edb3c36aa1a7 2014-10-25nkhormanCode space optimizations;; Make simple set/getter functions inlined.; Fix ifdef around setTextSize() to be either GFX_WANT_ABSTRACTS or GFX_SIZEABLE_TEXT; ifdef drawBitmap() w/ GFX_WANT_ABSTRACTS.;
13:8f03f908f22a 2014-10-21nkhormanflesh out the config defines
12:7964c2cfdebc 2014-10-21nkhormanmerge documentation
11:86909e6db3c8 2014-10-21nkhormanAdd some documentation
10:d5aee2d2f8dd 2014-10-20nkhormanfix - missed this in the refactor
9:ddb97c9850a2 2014-10-19nkhormanc++'ify the SPI vs I2C driver portions, instead of compile time defines.; The SSD1306 driver can now be instantiated multiple times, supporting simultaneous displays of differing dimensions.
8:416b8fe451b3 2014-10-19nkhormanfix compile warning and error
7:779204e24db4 2014-10-18Neal Horman missed this define change in the last change set
6:1be3e3b46eb7 2014-10-18Neal Horman hand merge Alo?s Wolff's i2c additions with a few #define tweaks
5:315de3647c9f 2014-10-16Neal Hormantweak Christians idea.
4:853097cfa773 2014-04-29chrtaRemove some duplicated code.
3:969ca9fe5e2b 2013-01-23nkhormanline endings ?
2:7bcea45e60d8 2012-08-19nkhormanchange swap() from a define to a static inline function to quell compiler problems.
1:9db12505727a 2012-07-17nkhormanchange the default background color to black
0:c3dcd4c4983a 2012-07-16nkhormanadd adafruit oled 128x32 display library via spi interface.; display card reader events on the oled