mbed offline on *nix with gnu+eclipse

Thanks to other peoples great work I managed it to make gcc work on a *nix box with codesourcery toolchain and eclipse.

First great thanks to Arthur Wolf and Adam Green who did a great job on making the mbed libs work offline.


thanks guys for that really great work.

second thanks goes to the guys on


they made eclipse working for the mbed.

I sticked just this two works together.

To make it work first you have to follow the instruction on


If you can compile some and it runs on your mbed you are half the way.

Then download


and unzip it somewhere in your $HOME but far from your eclipse workspace

Then go to your eclipse and create a new workspace. right click on the "Project Explorer" and click "Import"

expand "General" and select "Existing Projects into Workspace"

Click "next"

browse for the folder "mbedeclipse_1st" Just click the folder, don't go inside that folder.

click "Finish"

Compile it and copy the mbedeclipse_1st.bin from the Release Folder to your mbed.

If I didn't forget something your mbed's LED1 should start flashing after a reset on your mbed.

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