Fork from nRF24L01P Hello World. This is working with the Nucleo STM32F401RE. Working on adding functionality to change parameters on the fly, such as changing the RF channel.

Dependencies:   mbed nRF24L01P

Fork of nRF24L01P_Hello_World by Owen Edwards

This is using the nRF24L01P radio with the Nucleo STM32F401RE board. The connections to the radio board from the STM32 are the following Radio - STM32F401RE CSN - PA4 CE - PC1 MOSI - PB5 SCK - PB3 IRQ - PC0 MISO - PB4

I am trying add functionality so that parameters can be changed on the fly instead of having to recompile the code to change the operation of the nRF24L01P (for example, changing the RF channel (frequency) through a terminal interface. )

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