Mbed BlackJack

Creator: Jay Poddar


Mbed BlackJack is a implementation of 1 player versus dealer BlackJack on a mbed. For bet and starting wallet input the project uses a capacitive touch pad and for the actual game play the push buttons are used.


  1. uLCD-144-G2
  2. 2x pushbuttons
  3. mbedLPC1768
  4. Capacitive touch pad

How to Play

The game starts with a brief introductory screen giving the user information about the protocol to input to the mbed. The user then inputs the initial wallet amount for the game. After which the game starts with the user being prompted for a bet amount, followed by actual gameplay. The numerical inputs are taken via the touchpad. The player can now use the pushbuttons to hit or stay.

/media/uploads/jayvpoddar/2015-03-12_14.22.49.jpg /media/uploads/jayvpoddar/2015-03-12_14.22.45.jpg

Import programMbed_BlackJack

1 player Black jack for mbed

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