A web server for monitoring and controlling a MakerBot Replicator over the USB host and ethernet.

Dependencies:   IAP NTPClient RTC mbed-rtos mbed Socket lwip-sys lwip BurstSPI

Fork of LPC1768_Mini-DK by Frank Vannieuwkerke

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Data Structures

Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
ClientSocketClient socket class for communication endpoint
DatagramSocketClass for handling datagram
EMAC_CFG_TypeEMAC configuration structure definition
EMAC_PACKETBUF_TypeTX Data Buffer structure definition
EthernetInterfaceInterface using Ethernet to connect to an IP-based network
RX_DescRX Descriptor structure type definition
RX_StatRX Status structure type definition
ServerSocketServer socket class for handling incoming communication requests
SPI_TFTClass to use TFT displays with an ILI9320 controller using SPI mode
TX_DescTX Descriptor structure type definition
TX_StatTX Status structure type definition
USBDeviceConnectedUSBDeviceConnected class
USBEndpointUSBEndpoint class
USBHostUSBHost class This class is a singleton
USBHostHubA class to use a USB Hub
USBHostSerialA class to communicate a USB virtual serial port