Things I Need on MBED

These are the things that did not work:

  • HTTPServer bugs: Google Chrome does not work with HTTPServer; it can get first response (index.htm) and rpc can work while the first page still loads, but once it is done loading, nothing else works. At the same time Firefox keeps working OK.
    UPDATE: favicon.ico file on MBED helps Google Chrome!!!
    UPDATE 2: Looks like there is a bug when 404 response gets stuck, see
    UPDATE 3: Newest LWIP/HTTPServer seems to fix the 404 problem. favicon.ico still makes things better.
    UPDATE 4: There is some fixes for out-of-order packets on original LWIP project page... need to try those.

  • RPC-able class -
    RESOLVED see example: pub_iva2k_ethrpc

  • Full URI in HTTP RPC for forms (also for multiple arguments), e.g. http://mbeddevice/rpc/led?write=1; or at least accept http://mbeddevice/rpc/led/write+1&commit=1
    DONE: HTTPServer and RPC (custom RPC handler for HTTPServer)

  • Pass strings to RPC. Alphanumerical strings pass OK, but any non-alphanumerical chars turn into delimiters and cut the string.
    Asked in, ticket
    DONE: HTTPServer and RPC (custom RPC handler for HTTPServer)

  • Need unblocked http.bind() in HTTPServer - currently it takes few seconds to do DHCP. Bug: When cable is unplugged, it takes very long time. see

  • HTTPDynamicPage (base on HTTPStaticPage)
    DONE: HTTPDynamicPage see

  • ETH LEDs following state of link and activity
    Option 1 - monitor and use custom HTTPHandler to get action() call
    The problems: (1) seems to activate only after DHCP, and (2) only HTTP packets trigger action().
    Option 2 - use PHY outputs (idea from
    Use DigitalIn on pins P1_25 (LED_LINK), P1-26 (LED_SPEED) - these are active-low by default from Phy chip.
    There are 2 problems: (1) LED_LINK is configured in mode 1 (it does not blink with activity), and (2) LED_SPEED is active when link is absent.

  • Sleep modes
    can't wakeup from Deep Sleep or Power Down -


These are the things I need for various projects


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