SX1278 RA-01, RA-02 LoRa library

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for SX1278


BandwidthMap_t FSK and LORA bandwidth definition
RadioEvents_t Radio driver callback functions
RadioFskPacketHandler_t Radio FSK packet handler state Contains information about an FSK packet and various metadata
RadioFskSettings_t Radio FSK modem parameters Parameters encompassing FSK modulation
RadioLoRaPacketHandler_t Radio LoRa packet handler state
RadioLoRaSettings_t Radio LoRa modem parameters Parameters encompassing LoRa modulation
RadioRegisters_t Radio registers definition
RadioSettings_t Global radio settings


registers.h [code]
sx1278-mbed.cpp [code]
sx1278-mbed.h [code]
sx1278.c [code]
sx1278.h [code]