Using TLS with the MQTT C++ Client

I’ve been asked a few times whether the Paho embedded client library will work with TLS. It will, but the only platform where I’ve written the code to do it so far is on mbed mbed. The reason why it hasn’t been widely publicised is that it uses the CyaSSL TLS library, which is licensed under the GPL. This means binaries linked with CyaSSL also have to be GPL, rather than the Apache license usually used on mbed, or the Eclipse licenses used for Paho.

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When the ARM TLS Library has been released under the Apache license, we will include the TLS code to use it in the MQTT library.

3 comments on Using TLS with the MQTT C++ Client:

18 Nov 2016

Hi, any news on implementation mbedTLS to MQTT library?


27 Mar 2017

You can look into an example program I tested a few hours ago ... it uses mbed tls to connect to a secure MQTT server:

12 Jun 2017

Hi Vergil Cola,

In the main.cpp the TLS api's implemented in 'MQTTThreadedClient.cpp' are not used. Please provide me a example wherein TLS api's and MQTT api's are used.

Please share the code if ohter Qos are ready.

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