Helmut’s public repositories

Class similar to AnalogIn that uses burst mode to run continious background conversions so when the input is read, the last value can immediatly be returned.
mbed port of "TJpgDec - Tiny JPEG Decompressor" http://elm-chan.org/fsw/tjpgd/00index.html
fork of Camera_LS_Y201 lib supporting the 2MP variant/successor
fix for mbed lib issue 1 (i2c problem) see also https://mbed.org/users/mbed_official/code/mbed/issues/1 affected implementations: LPC11U24, LPC1768, LPC2368, LPC4088
Interface library for the Devantech SRF02/SRF08 ultrasonic i2c rangers. Depends on I2cRtosDriver lib!
RTOS enabled i2c-driver based on the official i2c-C-api.
Receiver interface for the fischertechnik IR control set
Interface for the encoder of the red fischertechnik motors
Simple Interface for Toshiba's TB6612FNG H-Bridge Motor Driver