Manchester code (phase encoding) library.

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Manchester code (phase encoding) library

It implements Manchester code according to both IEEE 802.3 and G.E. Thomas' conventions.

  • A '0' is expressed by a high-to-low transition, a '1' by low-to-high transition in the IEEE 802.3 convention. The reverse is true in the G.E. Thomas' convention.
  • The transitions which signify '0' or '1' occur at the midpoint of a period.
  • Transitions at the start of a period are overhead and don't signify data.
  • Least significant bit is sent first
  • There are synchronization pulses (the number can be set) at the begin of transmission

    Select a convention to be used by commenting or uncommenting the line below in the Manchester.h header file.


#define G_E_THOMAS 1

The IEEE 802.3 convention is used by default.

A Manchester encoded message (using G.E. Thomas' convention), with one sync pulse in the preamble, carrying four bytes:


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: The code in this library was based on this article published by Robert Guastella.

Import programManchester_Transmitter

Manchester transmitter demo.

Import programManchester_Receiver

Manchester receiver demo.

NOTE: To perform a simple test (without radio modules) connect the txPin on transmitter board to the rxPin on the receiver board and make sure that grounds are also connected one another.

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