A custom Mbed board with LPC1768.


First of all I'd like to thank Franz Achatz for sharing his wonderful LPC mini project. Franz you have done an amazing job! The LPCmini PCB design is licensed under the TAPR Open Hardware License (www.tapr.org/OHL). Before publishing a modified version I tried to contact Franz and send him the modified documentation for approval. Unfortunately, I have never received a response so I hope he is OK.

Modifications in this version

These modifications are licensed under the TAPR Open Hardware License.

  • Removed LED2, LED3 and LED4.
  • Removed the FT232RL UART-to-USB converter including the USB connector.
  • Added serial connector (for programming and debugging).
  • Added connector for external Ethernet RMII module (LAN8720 or DP83848).
  • Changed the 12MHz crystal package to SMD type.
  • Changed the 32.768kHz crystal package to SMD type.


Zoom in https://os.mbed.com/media/uploads/hudakz/lpcmin_sch.png



LPCmini zipped CAD files before the modification.
LPCmini zipped CAD files after the modification.

How to download:
Since Mbed wiki pages do not allow to upload .zip files anymore

  • Right-click on the link above and select Save link as... then save the file to your local drive.
  • Change the file extension from .png to .zip.
  • Unzip the file.