-mRackitBall is a simple game similar to Pong but with only one player. You essentially try to keep the ball from hitting the ground by using your paddle which is controlled by the joystick.

-At the start menu you have 3 options. Start, Options and Help. The current one will be highlighted in red. Using the right pushbutton you can select any of the 3.

-Selecting Start will start the game. The ball will start off slowly near your paddle and speed up each time it hits the paddle and wall. If the ball hits the ground the game will end and go back to the main menu.

-Selecting the Options will open the options menu. Here you will see what options are currently selected. The bolded numbers mean that option is currently selected. You can scroll up/down and it will highlight each option. You can also scroll left/right to select a different option. Pressing the right pushbutton will select and change that option.

(Example: Selecting '2' in the TextColor option will make the text white while '1' makes it green.)

-Selecting Help will open the help menu and display the basic controls for the joystick and push buttons.

-Pressing the right pushbutton while in game will reset the game and go back to the main menu.

-Pressing the left pushbutton while in game will pause the game until it is pressed again.



uLCD-144-G2 128x128

mbeduLCD cable

Sparkfun Thumb Joystick



p21, p221pin
Gndother pin

Import Program

Import program4180_lab4-mRackitBall

mRackitBall - the single player pong



To Do

-Make the pushbuttons and joystick more reliable.

-Make more options for colors/design

-Make the design option appear all the time, as its currently only for the main menu.

-Optimize and use less global variables. Perhaps using threads aswell.

Known Problems

-The ball will phase into the paddle. It will still bounce back properly.

-In the options, if for example in textcolor you move to option 2 and then scroll down option 2 for the next one will be highlighted.

-You can't reset the game while its paused.

-It may take multiple pushbutton presses to select/pause and may even double pause/select.

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