Real time map of Nearest objects using SRF05 & assembly of 2motors





Code:/media/uploads/hardikshah/main.cpp Description of Project: This project displays real time map of the nearest objects on NokiaLCD 6610 using Sonar SRF05 and assembly of two motors. Two motors are connected with mbed among which one rotates in the horizontal direction and other rotates in the vertical direction. The sonar is attached with the Lynxmotion pan-tilt hardware bracket. For controlling the vertical motion of the servo , one switch is connected to p15 of mbed. Whenever switch is pressed , the horizontal motor will move from left to right and sensor will move along with the motor and the sensor data will be displayed on the NokiaLCD and at the end of the horizontal sweep , vertical motor will change the vertical position of the hardware bracket by one step. Thus by successive horizontal sweeps , the whole map of the nearest objects can be seen on the NokiaLCD.

Pin Connection for Mbed:

p1- GND

p5<-> Data line of LCD(DIO)

p7<-> Clock of LCD(SCLK)

p8<-> Chip Select of LCD (CS)

p9<-> Reset pin of LCD(rst)

p13<-> Trigger input of SRF05(pin3)

p14<-> Echo output of SRF05(pin2)

p15<-> Switch s1

p21<-> Servomotor1

p22<-> Servomotor2

p39- +5v

p40- Vout

Pin Connection for Servomotor1:

pin1- Ground pin2- +5v pin3- pin21(mbed)

Pin Connection for Servomotor2:

pin1- Ground pin2- +5v pin3- pin22(mbed)

Pin Connection for Sonar SRF05:

pin1 - Vcc pin2 - pin14(mbed) pin3 - pin13(mbed) pin4 - N/C pin5 - Ground

Pin connection for NokiaLCD 6610(130*130 LCD):

pin1 - Vcc (for backlight)

pin2 - Vcc

pin3 - Ground

pin4,5,6,11,12 - N/C

pin7 - pin9(mbed)

pin8 - pin5(mbed)

pin9 - pin7(mbed)

pin10 - pin8(mbed)

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28 Feb 2011
28 Feb 2011


25 Aug 2011

I was wondering is there any way that we could display the results on a computer screen rather than on an lcd screen

12 Apr 2013

Can you move the code to public folder

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