White Wizard Board

White Wizard Board (PAT.PEND) is Rapid prototyping electronic circuit for mbed. http://wizard.nestegg.jp/

日本語サイト http://wizard.nestegg.jp/jp/indexjp.html

Quick assemble modules like blocks.

  • You can use 3.3V and 5V devices.
  • Very easy to connect RC servo and sensors.
  • You can make original modules with Universal board module.

Easy mount to Vehicles like a TANK, CAR.This board fits in very well with 5mm pitch universal plate, TAMIYA universal plate.

Wireless communicate with Android (supported by prtissimo.), PC and home electronics via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Infrared communication.


/media/uploads/halfpitch/ver1_1_1_2.png /media/uploads/halfpitch/ver1_1_1.png

  • Now, we repair prototype modules and make new modules.
  • You can buy it with paypal system, it can be easy to exchange your local money.

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