Gordon Lu


I love coding and thinking. I am doing some work with ARM and 8015 microcontroller, and also interested in iOS App development. Programming language experience are C/C++/C#/Objective-C/Swift.

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  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    NNN40_CLI_HOST_WIFI : 1.0.3. NNN40 CLI host demo code.LPC1768 is CLI host, P9 (TX)/P10 (RX), baud reate : 115200

    cli, Host, NNN40, wifi
    Last updated: 21 Jul 2015 14 1
  • Mbed 2 deprecated


    Last updated: 20 Aug 2015 12 8
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    mbed application board demo includes lcd, pot, joystick, rgb led, websocket, mbed rtos. websocket demo url is => http://sockets.mbed.org/gordonlu/viewer

    joystick, LCD, mbed rtos, pot, RGB LED, thread, WebSocket
    Last updated: 12 Feb 2015 10 0
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