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Fork of VirtualForces by Georgios Tsamis


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52:54b3fe68a4f2 3 months agogeotsamOne File to rule them all, One File to find them,; One File to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.; ; This monster has everything inside, and more or less they all work. default tip
51:b863fad80574 3 months agoLudwigfrI dont understand how GoToPoint is supposed to work.
50:a970cf7889d3 3 months agoLudwigfrsome tweaks
49:d61da2bc8882 3 months agoLudwigfrsuccess but really slow
48:cd3463dcca04 3 months agoLudwigfrkind of work
47:f0fe58571e4a 3 months agoLudwigfradded the direction stuff, trying to fix compute_proba
46:e57ebcf747dc 3 months agogeotsamfull of isnan() and other weird debugging stuff
45:fb07065a64a9 3 months agoLudwigfrchanged set_target so it is in ortho frame, relative to the robot (ex: if the robot is in the middle, you want to him to go 10cm down and 15 right, set_target_to(15,-10) )
44:e2bd06f94dc0 3 months agoLudwigfradjusted the main, tweaked calculate line
43:ffd5a6d4dd48 4 months agoLudwigfrcarefull the + and minus are inverted, the khapas must be adjusted
42:ab25bffdc32b 4 months agoLudwigfrchanged the code to not rely on global variables because it's heresy
41:39157b310975 4 months agoLudwigfrminor tweak;
40:f5e212d9f900 4 months agoLudwigfrtweaked a few thing, maybe check the math beetween compute_line and go_to_line
39:dd8326ec75ce 4 months agoLudwigfrfixed a bunch of issues concerning the target, the robot is still going on the right for some reason, maybe check the line computation
38:3c9f8cbf5250 4 months agoLudwigfrfixed a calcul mistake on how to put the target coordinates in an orthonormal frame, added a few comments here and there
37:462d19bb221f 4 months agogeotsamgoing to the other direction
36:c806c568720a 4 months agoLudwigfrtweaked compute_forceX_and_forceY to do all the computation in an orthogonal frame
35:c8f224ab153f 4 months agoLudwigfrjust tweaked staring position and target;
34:128fc7aed957 4 months agogeotsamlowered speed, corrected pointers, tweaked xOrtho, yOrtho and X, Y that were causing problems; tried some constants but they are not good
33:78139f82ea74 4 months agogeotsamadded:; - line calculation function; - go to line function; - vff function, that calls all the calculation functions, computes the velocities, moves the robot and checks if it has arrived; ; tweaked main to call the correct methods; ; TODO check constants
32:d51928b58645 4 months agoLudwigfrmade the function to compute the force and changed the variables for the 120x90 arena
31:352be78e1aad 4 months agoLudwigfrI guess this code is fine for putting in the report (I tweaked the variables for a 250x250cm arena and a 20x20cells map
30:95d8d3e2b81b 5 months agogeotsamtarget_angle now is double
29:224e9e686f7b 5 months agogeotsamlab version, with working pi/2 flip
28:f884979a02fa 5 months agoLudwigfradded the odometria at the start of go_to_point, and wrote a quick do a flip fct but i have nt tested it
27:07bde633af72 5 months agoLudwigfrchanged and adjusted stuff, print map with robot work, modified go to point for it to do a pi flip if in danger zone but it s not working :/
26:b020cf253059 5 months agogeotsamshortened go_to_point_with_angle a little bit
25:572c9e9a8809 5 months agoLudwigfrfixed a few things, and I did print_final_map_with_robot if you want to check where odometria thinks the robot is in the map
24:8f4b820d8de8 5 months agogeotsamthe file from the afternoon
23:901fc468b8a7 5 months agogeotsamcleaned up and shortened the go_to_point_with_angle method
22:ebb37a249b5f 5 months agoLudwigfrStill TODOs waiting to be closed
21:62154d644531 5 months agoAurelienBerniercleanup;
20:6a9062d54eb0 5 months agoAurelienBerniertestAfterMerge
19:dbc5fbad4975 5 months agoAurelienBerniergroundwork and clean structure, needs to actually do the equations in computeObstacle
18:6a3b14e284ee 6 months agogeotsamadded a small delay between the new positions - but it doesn't work, it's just spinning
17:caf393b63e27 6 months agogeotsamadded the random x,y,? and the infinite loop
16:ff73cc7b3156 6 months agogeotsammaybe merged the stuff, will see
15:44ab4626f1ad 6 months agoAurelienBernierprint mms;
14:d58f2bdbf42e 6 months agogeotsamchanged the too-close behaviour to break the while immediately
13:41f75c132135 6 months agogeotsamadded the setup function calls for the sonars
12:3c0ca2350624 6 months agogeotsamcorrected the inputs again :P
11:e641aa08c92e 6 months agoAurelienBerniergetSonarValues v1 and clean code
10:a7fd80e79e80 6 months agogeotsamdeleted theta from function inputs
9:b7138acdf4ac 6 months agogeotsamadded target_angle in the function
8:109314be5b68 6 months agoAurelienBernierproper functions
7:c94070f9af78 6 months agoAurelienBernierFinal values kappa;
6:afde4b08166b 6 months agoAurelienBernierfunctional shit;
5:dea05b8f30d0 6 months agoAurelienBernierv2 with nice kappas kappa
4:8c56c3ba6e54 6 months agoAurelienBernierGoToPoint Nearly Working
3:1e0f4cb93eda 6 months agogeotsamit should work :P
2:ea61e801e81f 6 months agoAurelienBernieradded clear comments
1:f0807d5c5a4b 6 months agoAurelienBerniertest Commit
0:8bffb51cc345 6 months agogeotsamWorking