A library with drivers for different peripherals on the LPC4088 QuickStart Board or related add-on boards.

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Issue: Problem with TOOLCHAIN_GCC_ARM


I wanted use the app_qspi_memstick application with the toolchain gcc arm, but I could not it because the program crashed.

I found the problem : The function _sbrk was not defined correctly.

I suggest to add this : "||defined(TOOLCHAIN_GCC_ARM)" at the line 80 of sdram.cpp.

I thank you for your attention.

Regards, Jeremy

Example program

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26 Jan 2015


Unfortunately it is not as simple as that. If I add that then I get a compiler error complaining about the _sbrk being defined multiple times. The retarget.cpp file in the mbed SDK already defines it.

A possible but not very convenient workaround is to

  1. swap out the "mbed" library in your project for the "mbed-src" library
  2. export the project for ARM GCC
  3. open the libraries\mbed\common\retarget.cpp file
  4. comment out the _sbrk functions for TOOLCHAIN_GCC_ARM (found on lines 450-482)
  5. make the change in sdram.cpp that you suggested yourself

Kind Regards, Embedded Artists