weather checking webpage scraper.

This program takes the HTTPClientStreamingExample.cpp and uses it to check a weather website. The desired data is picked out of the html text and displayed to the user. The intention is to take the data and either log it, or create some sort of hardware based indicator that tells the user about the weather without a computer. Below is one of the first versions of the takes the temperature and humidity from the website for my local area.




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10 Aug 2010


The newest version of the getweather program checks a weather webpage every 5 minutes and displays the temperature and humidity that was found in the webpage text to the terminal. The webpage that is checked has been changed to one which is updated much more often (every 5 minutes). The next step will be some sort of indicator, or logging...haven't decided. It might be nice to integrate some wireless weather indicator so it can be used around the house or office.

here is the address of the webpage that is read by the program...

and the updated program...


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