mbed PowerBoard on "real" PCBs

Now I have two sets of PowerBoard + DisplayBoard with professional PCBs. Both boards have gone through an additional bugfixing and redesign process before. On the DisplayBoard, there is now a compass module (so the robot knows the direction to the opposite goal). There's a ring of 8 LEDs around it, so the robot can show which direction the compass points to.

The 4 separate navigation keys have been merged into one 5-way NaviKey. This was necessary in order to get some free PCB area for the compass.

On the PowerBoard itself, I have used a bipolar transistor for the switched high-current output instead of the MOSFET - the latter one wouldn't switch reliably at 3.3V gate voltage. For faster edit-compile-download-run development cycles I have added a reset button which is easily reachable from the side. The mbed's reset button was just too difficult to reach under the DisplayBoard.


You see that one board is equipped with yellow LEDs + display backlight, the other one is blue. This is for easier distinction during the robot soccer games.

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