Test USB connection between mbed and Android


I wrote this page for test the usb connection between the mbed and an Android phone.

Required Components

How works

First you have to connect the Android phone to mbed (I tried LPC1768) with a usb adapter.

Then open the tab "SERIAL CDC" on "Terminal Multi" and open a serial connection.

The goal is send a message by android and receive a feedback message by the mbed.


Import programTest_usb_connection

Test usb connection


You can set the various parameters of the serial connection in the menu "Serial CDC"

/media/uploads/edodm85/screen2.png /media/uploads/edodm85/screen1.png

Then you have to press OK in the usb permission popup and now you can OPEN the connection with mbed.
The black ball will turn green color when the connection is established.

/media/uploads/edodm85/screen3.png /media/uploads/edodm85/screen4_1.png

The output is:


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