Tcp/ip communication between mbed and Android phone


I wrote this page for test the tcp/ip communication between the mbed and an Android phone.

Required Components

Ethernet Schematic

In this example I used the SI-60002-F RJ45 connector without leds.
In the below photo I summarized the schematic:


How works

First you must connect the mbed and the phone to the same network.

In this test the mbed works as server with address ip and it is connect directly to the router.

Instead the client (Android phone) have this address ip

Now in Terminal Multi you can create the connection and start sending the messages. You can see the messages received with a usb terminal.

The goal is send a message by android and receive a feedback message (CMD Received) by the mbed.


Import programTest_server_ethernet

Program for test the tcp/ip communication between mbed and Android phone


You can setting the address ip and the port by the below menu


Then you can start the connection with mbed. The black ball will turn green color when the connection is established.

/media/uploads/edodm85/screenshot_20160719-164337_mod.png /media/uploads/edodm85/screenshot_20160719-194405_mod.png

The output is (if you send a message you will receive a "CMD Received" message from mbed):


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