MQTT Project: send temperature value over MQTT protocol


I wrote this page for test the MQTT protocol between mbed <->broker <-> android

Required Components

How works

The goal of this project is send the temperature value read from a LM75 sensor over MQTT protocol to Android Phone.

I divided the project into the following steps:

  • First step is create a Broker account, in this test I used CloudMQTT.
  • Second step is download the mbed code.
  • Third step is open my Android App MQTT Terminal and setup the new Broker.

First Step: Create a Broker

Press the "Control Panel" button and in the new page the button "Create":


Create a new MQTTCloud Instance:


Open the Details of new instance and Create a New User:


Now you have to create a new Rule (use the user create above and insert a new TOPIC).


OK the Broker is created.

Second Step

Download the mbed test code:

Import programMQTT_and_Temperature_Sensore_LM75

Test MQTT Protocol with a Temperature Sensore

You have to change the MQTT data in main.h:


Third Step

Setup the Broker information in the Android App MQTT Terminal:


Then is necessary add a new Topic:



Now is possible receive data from mbed:


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