MODSERIAL with support for more devices. Added support for LPC4330

Dependents:   HC05_AT_mode GPS_U-blox_NEO-6M_Test_Code GPS_U-blox_NEO-6M_Code UbloxGPSWithThread ... more

Fork of MODSERIAL by Erik Olieman

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for MODSERIAL



AddingDevice.h [code]
ChangeLog.c [code]
example1.cpp [code]
example2.cpp [code]
example3a.cpp [code]
example3b.cpp [code]
FLUSH.cpp [code]
GETC.cpp [code]
INIT.cpp [code]
ISR_RX.cpp [code]
ISR_TX.cpp [code]
MACROS.h [code]
MODSERIAL.cpp [code]
MODSERIAL.h [code]
MODSERIAL_K64F.cpp [code]
MODSERIAL_K64F.h [code]
MODSERIAL_KL05Z.cpp [code]
MODSERIAL_KL05Z.h [code]
MODSERIAL_KL25Z.cpp [code]
MODSERIAL_KL25Z.h [code]
MODSERIAL_LPC11U24.cpp [code]
MODSERIAL_LPC11U24.h [code]
MODSERIAL_LPC1768.cpp [code]
MODSERIAL_LPC1768.h [code]
MODSERIAL_LPC4330.cpp [code]
MODSERIAL_LPC4330.h [code]
PUTC.cpp [code]
RESIZE.cpp [code]