Hardware Abstraction Layer, permitting any LoRa application to use any LoRa radio chip

Dependents:   alarm_slave alarm_master lora_p2p lorawan1v1 ... more

radio chip selection

Radio chip driver is not included, allowing choice of radio device.
If you're using SX1272 or SX1276, then import sx127x driver into your program.
if you're using SX1261 or SX1262, then import sx126x driver into your program.
if you're using SX1280, then import sx1280 driver into your program.
if you're using LR1110, then import LR1110 driver into your program.
If you're using NAmote72 or Murata discovery, then you must import only sx127x driver.
If you're using Type1SJ select target DISCO_L072CZ_LRWAN1 and import sx126x driver into your program.

Pin assigned to arduino LoRa radio shield form-factor


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
21:96db08266089 2021-02-05 Wayne Roberts lr1110: handle tcxo when hf-xosc fails to start default tip
20:75635d50262e 2020-07-10 Wayne Roberts support mbed-6
19:94b5382d3fc6 2020-06-25 Wayne Roberts completed for sx127x unmodulated TX test function
18:78c5e644d37a 2020-06-12 Wayne Roberts type1SJ add
17:5f34cbe2ac53 2020-06-01 Wayne Roberts support platforms without LowPowerTimer, add LR1110
16:34de2ab7eb32 2019-10-30 Wayne Roberts take care of sx127x interrupt in glitch
15:e1c04ec39aa4 2019-09-11 Wayne Roberts DioPin_top_half() callback to permit scheduling Radio::service() from ISR rather than main loop
14:94993ae5b164 2019-09-11 Wayne Roberts DioPin_top_half() added to permit scheduling a call to Radio::service()
13:a354f82d12d9 2019-05-31 Wayne Roberts symbol timeout to 16bits. Add spi clk freq initialization option.
12:fcfafd17ae1b 2019-05-29 Wayne Roberts correct bandwidth in sx1280 LoRaModemConfig()
11:5111788c4298 2019-05-17 Wayne Roberts sx126x: prevent rx timeout in continuous rx
10:3303cf2867d4 2018-12-13 Wayne Roberts handle missed sx127x interrupt
9:97a6de3dbc86 2018-12-07 Wayne Roberts add sx1280 symbol timeout
8:0518c6e68b79 2018-12-06 Wayne Roberts sx127x clear old interrupt on startup
7:ba81f66e56d1 2018-12-05 Wayne Roberts add instataneous rssi, rx indication on sx1280
6:b7bbf31e06e4 2018-12-04 Wayne Roberts add fixed payload length
5:ab124d3842a8 2018-11-25 Wayne Roberts add PA disable option
4:57080d572494 2018-08-20 Wayne Roberts tx continuous renamed to tx carrier
3:122af639cf0b 2018-07-23 Wayne Roberts sx126x: rx indication conditionally compiled
2:c321b5919516 2018-07-17 Wayne Roberts expose sx126x chipType pin to application
1:e79b0a55135f 2018-07-16 Wayne Roberts update sx1280 HAL to work with current sx1280 driver
0:9c052ff8dd6a 2018-07-05 Wayne Roberts initial commit