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The SX1232 is a fully integrated ISM band transceiver optimized for use in the (EN 300 220-1) 868 MHz band in Europe and the (FCC Part 15) 915 MHz band in the US with a minimum of external components. It offers a combination of high link budget and low current consumption in all operating modes.


This part offers similar functionality to XBee PRO 900 modules, except RF performance would be improved, especially at slower data-rates. This is due to available narrower receiver bandwidths, and higher TX power, among other things. Additionally, its probably redundant to have a microcontroller on your wireless module, since the mbed cpu can drive radio directly.

This version of driver library supports packet size up to FIFO size (64bytes) to keep it simple and small. For larger packet sizes, a different driver could support the FIFO flow control pins.

wiring connections

Minimum required connections are SPI: mosi, miso, sclk, cs, one interrupt pin, and optional hardware reset pin.

example code

For example usage see Demo Chat Application.

specification of chip

Information on device. /media/uploads/dudmuck/sm1232.png

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