The DM-TFT50-111 display module, specifications and other resources are available from

  • 5.0”
  • 800x480
  • Support 4-line resistive touch
  • Still 11 free pins on the Arduino header (D0, D1, D3, D5, D7 and A0->A5).
  • Full speed hardware SPI on Arduino UNO and Arduino Mega compatible boards with DM-ADTAU-003
  • Optional PWM control for the backlight, solder SJ1 to PWM to enable PWM backlight control from controller IC.
  • 5 keypads can be customized in any function.


Supports both Arduino and mBed with the DM-ADTAU-003 adapter.


The display module has been tested with the following platforms:

ST-Nucleo-F401REAdd comment


There is a library to get you started with the displays:

Import libraryDmTftLibrary

Driver Library for our displays

There are also some demo programs:

Import programdm_ra8875_demo

A dedictaed demo for ra8875

Import programdm_main

Shows how to use the display. Draws a bitmap from internal flash, some geometric shapes and some text

Import programdm_calibrate

This application makes it possible to calibrate the touch screen. Note that the calibration data is not persistently saved. Either do the calibration on every startup or modify the default values in DmTouchCalibration.

Import programdm_touch

Shows how to use a display and the touch controller. Will display the X and Y coordinates of the current touch event.

Import programdm_sdcard

Shows how to use a display, the onboard SD Card and the onboard SPI Flash. Requires a display module with direct Arduino pinning

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