Library to simplify using capture pins on hardware.

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When I first started experimenting with the notion of capture pins, I had no idea where to begin. Rather than write to registers in every single program, I decided to create a class that'd handle that heavy lifting for me!

Import library

Public Member Functions

  TimerCapture (PinName pCapturePin)
  Configures registers to use the given pin as a capture pin.
uint32_t  getTime ()
  Get the time captured by the capture pin's register.

Static Public Member Functions

static void  startTimer ()
  Starts the TIMER2 timer, and configures it if it's not already configured.
static bool  isRunning ()
  Checks if the TIMER2 timer is running.
static void  stopTimer ()
  Stops the TIMER2 timer.
static void  resetTimer ()
  Resets the TIMER2 timer.

This code uses TIMER2 on the LPC1768. I have no idea if it will work on other hardware, but I hope it helps someone else!

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