My Trial AR & VR 2-eyes Display goes by a GR-PEACH

I had found 2 ntsc input in the GR-PEACH (Renesasa Rz/A1 with ARM) and a GR-PEACH 4.3 inch LCD Shield (similar pixels with Oculus Rift DK1). Then, I had found the sample codes ( ). So, I have begun my trial to hand-making an AR & VR 2-eyes Display. At first, I had made the frame for attaching two ntsc cameras to the GR-PEACH.

/media/uploads/digiponta/cp9f2-dukaabm_s.jpg /media/uploads/digiponta/cqrocl1uiaelohh.jpg /media/uploads/digiponta/cqsfaavvuaamm7o.jpg /media/uploads/digiponta/cqsk8oqumaavfox.jpg /media/uploads/digiponta/cqsf3avumaa1nnv.jpg /media/uploads/digiponta/cqsfaa1vyaam0iw.jpg

I had added two switches for view images in a SD memory. /media/uploads/digiponta/cr1hekpvmaa8yjx.jpg

The current my program (forked from dkato sample):

In near future, I will put any improve in this article. Thank you.


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06 Sep 2016




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