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Dependents:   mqtt_V1 cc3100_Test_mqtt_CM3

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for server


mqtt_server_app_cfg Configuration for the applications that utilize the MQTT Server Daemon
mqtt_server_msg_cbs Working Principle for implementing the call-back services: Implementation of the call-back services should report in return value, only about errors found in the RX processing


client_mgmt.cpp [code]
client_mgmt.h [code]
server_core.cpp [code]
server_core.h [code] The MQTT server daemon, a task, provisions the high level abstractions for the smart applicaltions
server_pkts.cpp [code]
server_pkts.h [code] The C library provisions the interface / API(s) for the MQTT Server Packet LIB
server_plug.cpp [code]
server_plug.h [code]
server_util.cpp [code]
server_util.h [code]