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  • Hexi_KW40Z

    Hexiwear library for communicating with the on-board KW40Z BLE device. KW40Z handles also the touch buttons.

    BLE, buttons, HEXIWEAR, KW40Z
    Last updated: 07 Oct 2016 7 0
  • Mbed OS

    Stand Alone mBed OS Text To Speech Click Board Example

    Last updated: 26 Oct 2016 3 10
  • Mbed OS

    Using Hexiware, Hexiware dock and an Alcohol click board, create your own breathalizer that connects to Wolksense to record your readings

    Last updated: 27 Sep 2016 7 5
  • Mbed OS

    iBreathe Breathalyzer can now talk thanks to the Text to Speech Click Board

    Last updated: 07 Oct 2016 11 14
  • text_to_speak_mbed

    Header files and Init data so you can use the Text To Speech Click Board with a Hexiware and mBed OS5

    Last updated: 07 Oct 2016 1 22
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