Dependents of TLV320

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Use the TLV320 with in-built I2S object to stream audio data from an SD Card and send it to the TLV320 CODEC for audio playback audio, hi-def, HQ, I2S, playback, TLV320AIC23B
A program to read out the FTSE100 in real time using a TLV320 CODEC and Ethernet connexion CODEC, ethernet, FTSE100, HTTPClient, I2S, I2SSlave, SDFileSystem, TLV320AIC23B
echo sound see I2S, TLV320AIC23B
sample and play see I2S, TLV320AIC23B
streo mp3 player see: audio, I2S, mp3, player, TLV320AIC23B
Wave-Player with TLV320