RGB-Led driver, used to handle convertions between HEX and integer to regulate LEDS through the embed.

RGB-Led program

What is this about?

This program is created for managing RGB-Led's through a HTTP protocol

Main.cpp include

This is a short demo how to use the RGB and Color classes

Repository: hello_world_RGB

RGB Class

This is the RGB Class with all the documentation

Import library

Public Member Functions

RGB (PinName r_pin , PinName g_pin , PinName b_pin )
Create RGB instance.
void setColor ( Color * color )
setColor instance This will set the color
void setColor (int red, int green, int blue)
setColor instance with RGB This will set the color with given values red, green, blue
void setColor (int color )
setColor instance with integer color This will set the color with given integer
Color * getColor ()
getColor instance This will return the current color in a Color* object
void Off ()
Off instance This will turn off all the leds.
void invertColor ( Color * color )
invertColor instance This will invert every color

Data Fields

PinName r_pin
pinNames r_pin declaration Declaration of PinName r_pin
PinName b_pin
pinNames b_pin declaration Declaration of PinName b_pin
PinName g_pin
pinNames g_pin declaration Declaration of PinName g_pin
Color * color
color declaration of type Color* Declaration of Color* color
PwmOut * r_out
PwmOut r_out declaration Declaration of PwmOut r_out.
PwmOut * b_out
PwmOut b_out declaration Declaration of PwmOut b_out.
PwmOut * g_out
PwmOut g_out declaration Declaration of PwmOut g_out.

Static Public Attributes

static const int MAX_COLOR_VALUE = 255
static const int MAX_COLOR_VALUE Sets the maximum color value, 255 for RGB

Color Class

This is the Color Class with all the documentation

Import library

Public Types

enum colors

enum of colors


Public Member Functions

Color (int red, int green, int blue)
Color instance with red, green, blue as integers.
Color (int color)
Color instance with an integer.
Color (float red, float green, float blue)
Color instance with red, green, blue as floats.
int getHex ()
getHex method Returns the color as a Hex
int getRed ()
getRed method Returns the color red as an integer
int getGreen ()
getGreen method Returns the color green as an integer
int getBlue ()
getBlue method Returns the color blue as an integer
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