Celeritous mbed baseboard / breakout board announcement


Celeritous Technical Services, Corp. is pleased to announce the release of an advanced mBed module breakout board for rapid development of user I/O intensive applications. The board features a full compliment of user interfaces including graphical display, 5-Way navigation thumb switch, and rotary encoder . Also included are and an Ethernet Jack, USB ports, Micro-SD card slot, backup battery holder external power supply and a sample sensor suite for demonstrating data acquisition applications.

All mbed I/O is available to the user on standard 100mil headers. All on-board peripherals may be isolated from the mbed module through a jumper bank so the user may make use of any I/O line used by on-board peripherals.

The user jumper bank also allows the board to be powered either through the mbed module USB provided power or optionally from the external power jack for higher current user applications.

A standard 100mm x 50mm daughter card format is available for user expansion. A general purpose prototyping daughter card is available that includes both through hole and SMT prototyping areas.

The breakout board and all daughter cards are designed in DesignSpark, which is a free Schematic Capture / PCB Layout program with professional grade features and no node, layer or size limitations like Eagle. The board designs are released under a creative commons license so users may make modifications as long as copyright attribution is retained.

This product is in stock now, available as either fully assembled, bare board only or bare board with connectors and headers. It does not include the mbed module.

Board Specifications include:

  • Compact 100mm x 100mm size
  • mBed socket
  • mBed signal / expansion headers
  • Dual pattern B/miniB USB Female connector
  • USB A Female connector
  • microSD memory socket
  • 2032 Battery Backup socket (under mBed)
  • Jumper selectable internal/external power with onboard high current 3.3V regulator
  • 2.1mm coaxial power jack
  • Isolation jumpers on all peripherals except Ethernet and USB
  • Internal and external power indicator LEDs
  • 2 user defined LEDs
  • Newhaven 128x32 monochrome backlit graphical LCD
  • Bourns PEC11 series 24 detent optical encoder with center pushbutton
  • ALPS 5-way navigation switch with X-Y and center pushbutton
  • National LM61 analog temperature sensor
  • Honeywell HIH-5030 analog relative humidity sensor
  • Sharp GA1A1S204W 4 decade log output analog photo-sensor
  • RJ45 Ethernet jack with integrated magnetics with optional link/activity LEDs
  • 100mil pitch prototyping area
  • optional DIN Snaptrack for mounting

for more information please visit our product page at Celeritous.com and use the contact form.


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24 May 2012

Where is the documentation for the Advanced Development Board for the Mbed, please?

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