Prius IPM controller

Dependencies:   mbed

Fork of analoghalls5_5 by N K


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
35:83cf9564bd0c 2015-03-16bwangSet for 3A Iq, 0A Id, Ki = 1e-3, Kp = Kd = 0, loop still oscillates but is passable default tip
34:bfe180de813a 2015-03-16nki[WORKING] current loop closed, signs of (Iq, Id) and (Vq, Vd) aligned.
33:e7b132029bae 2015-03-16nkiNew working set - reverted to synchronous current sensor reads
32:4e1a223fad52 2015-03-16nkiCrunchy motor, temp commit for reverting
31:86b87913d8e1 2015-03-15bwangCurrent sensor zeroing about as good as I can get it;
30:2b6d426f3bfc 2015-03-15nkiNew interrupt driven current-sensing; current sensors have a ~0.2A offset
29:cb03760ba9ea 2015-03-14nkiCautionary commit, possibly works
28:af9d43bcb371 2015-03-14bwang[NONWORKING] Switched sensors to delay-based NativeAnalogIn class
27:846c08fb3697 2015-03-14nkiNONWORKING: debugging native ADC reading
26:d00561c7bf43 2015-03-10bwangSeparate loop constants for Id and Iq
25:0003b824dd7d 2015-03-10nkifixed swapped _kp and _kd in context.cpp; doesn't run great with the loop closed.;
24:f1ff9c7256b5 2015-03-09bwangAdded multi-channel debug logger in debug/, set up #channels and depth in main(), write in log() function. motor stops turning after trace is captured, requires reset to restart
23:7366022ea0ab 2015-03-09bwangcurious, very curious...see modulator.cpp for details
22:46d164aa4f1c 2015-03-09nkiSVM table now correct. 2.05A at 65V,; todo: correct 50% dtc at 0 throttle; incorporate PI control
21:da41c08e51bc 2015-03-09nkifixed an issue with the debug output
20:3a7eae543153 2015-03-09bwangrestored SinusoidalModulator::Update to its nominal state (2.19A@20V); SVM does not work in this revision
19:280c62c71cf8 2015-03-09bwangstylistic changes (SVM code in the right class now); NOTE: SinusoidalModulator currently does nothing
18:a58bcda36b08 2015-03-09nkiadded SVM code to modulators.cpp
17:d754b71a1290 2015-03-09nkiAdded SVM code to modulators.cpp;
16:fd6771a6685a 2015-03-09bwangtweaks to debugging code - debug registers are now global; define aliases to them in includes.h
15:c10d0aa3c0e1 2015-03-09bwangreworked serial so that printing is possible even outside of contexts
14:1cc975207995 2015-03-09bwangadded stubs for SVM, modulation scheme is still the same as last time
13:79e247e54d78 2015-03-09bwangfixed a bug in position sensor initialization + hack in modulators.cpp to make motor turn, 2.19A@20V
12:c35ad58f6620 2015-03-08bwangmisc documentation changes
11:dccbaa9274c5 2015-03-08bwang--Initial Commit: 03-08-2015 new context-based code; no more timers (=easier debugging)
10:b4abecccec7a 2015-03-08nkiuguu;
9:d3b70c15baa9 2015-03-06nkiloop is closed.;
8:b92043d76919 2015-03-05nkithis is the working-est (still open loop) class based code. sets inverter outputs to lutsin
7:76d6ceb23e0d 2015-03-05nkiuh what;
6:99ee0ce47fb2 2015-03-04nki3/4;
5:ee1e6c84c302 2015-03-03nkihi there;
4:fdadf4a3577a 2015-03-02nkimotor spins;
3:0a2396597e0d 2015-03-02bwangshould turn moter
2:8696a62a4077 2015-03-01bwanglatest
1:1f58bdcf2956 2015-03-01bwangmoar
0:54cf32d35f4d 2015-03-01bwangfirst publish