Andrew Boyson

United Kingdom

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  • ch

    Central Heating controller using the real time clock, PHY module for internet, 1-wire interface for temperature sensors, a system log and a configuration file

    Last updated: 20 Mar 2018 8 4
  • clock

    Uses Timer 0 and the RTC to keep accurate time. It can accept a PPS from an external source like a GPS or a regular time stamp from an external ...

    Last updated: 16 Feb 2018 31 20
  • gps

    A GPS disciplined clock

    Last updated: 13 Apr 2018 6 3
  • http-base

    All the common things for all my websites: css, log pages, net pages etc.

    Last updated: 20 Mar 2018 6 1
  • log


    Last updated: 04 Feb 2018 15 9
  • lpc1768

    Things that remain constant whichever Mbed LPC1768 is used: peripheral definitions; leds; memory layout; main processor clock. Note that watchdog, default and hard fault handlers; peripheral power and clocks; and ...

    Last updated: 16 Feb 2018 13 8
  • net

    A stack which works with or without an Mbed os library. Provides IPv4 or IPv6 with a full 1500 byte buffer.

    Last updated: 16 Feb 2018 71 9
  • nos

    A minimalist program to demonstrate how to blink an led on an MBED LPC1768 without an MBED library

    Last updated: 21 Feb 2018 6 2
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