RSS News Reader

The project streams live RSS feeds over the web and displays it on the Text LCD. The Hardware connections are simple. The Text LCD was hooked up to the following pins:

GND to 0V

Vcc to 5V

Vo to 0V via 1k resistor

RS to p10

RW to 0V

E to p12

D0,D1,D2,D3 not connected

D4 to p15

D5 to p16

D6 to p29

D7 to p30

Following are the connections for ethernet (connectors from from Sparkfun):

P8 to RD-

P7 to RD+

P1 to TD-

P2 to TD+

A webpage containing the RSS news feeds was downloaded and entire page was scaned for <title>, the text after it i.e the news was displayed in a rolling fashion. The functions from the "EthernetNetIf.h" "HTTPClient.h", more details on the code. The code extracted 512 bytes from the webpage and extracted the text from the webpage.

All commented lines on the code are the debugging points, where we stuck for a while.

The current code displays the CNN Technology news feeds.

The video is available on the link:


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13 Nov 2014
Is there code somewhere?

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