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  • RTOS-Serial

    An RTOS-friendly Serial interface Its primary benefit is that it never hogs the CPU. An amusing alternative to the traditional ring-bufferd interrupt-serviced systems, it uses short mbed-rtos queues to buffer …

    rtos, Serial, UART
    Last updated: 30 Oct 2013 20 630
  • scope-RAM

    A library for observing RAM utilization with an oscilloscope.

    free, malloc, memory, Oscilloscope, RAM, scope
    Last updated: 12 Nov 2013 2 10
  • snet

    simple reliable networking over ethernet. Provides IPv4 ARP, ICMP echo reply, and UDP unicast. Does NOT provide TCP, that's not simple :-).

    arp, icmp, ip, MIT License, networking, UDP
    Last updated: 01 Apr 2015 8 33
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