4dofRoboticArmAX12_LPC1768 with SMARTGPU


This project is for improving my skills with inverse kinematics, PID position control, C programming, touch screen control, and generally having fun.

Schematic of layout /media/uploads/aimen/photo2.jpg

Have my touch control manually manipulating each servo up to 300 degrees or down to 0 in increments of 3 degrees. It was too slow at 1 degree increments. /media/uploads/aimen/photo3.jpg

Here is my pixel scaled graph to figure out box locations; each box is 12 x by 13 y. /media/uploads/aimen/photo4.jpg

2 comments on 4dofRoboticArmAX12_LPC1768 with SMARTGPU:

06 Apr 2014

Impressive, good luck. Bo

07 Apr 2014

Thanks Bo and thanks for taking a look.

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