Guitar Tuner

This is a guitar tuner that tunes an electric guitar to Standard E tuning. It can be very easily modified for an acoustic guitar by adding a microphone and adjusting the gain with the potentiometer. Other tunings can also be programmed in if you know the frequency of the note.

The program uses the ADC library and a version of the Goertzel algorithm <1> which allows the mbed to check the magnitude of a specified frequency instead of outputting an entire Fourier transform. Currently it takes in a buffer and deconstructs the buffer; however, there is also more code <2> which does the calculations in real time which could be faster and allow this program to work on simpler hardware.


  • 1x Mbed;
  • 1x Nokia LCD Display;
  • 1x LM386 Audio Amplifier;
  • 2x Potentiometer (10k);
  • 1x 330nF Ceramic Capacitor;
  • 1x 1/4" Mono/Stereo Jack;
  • Wires



Wiring Diagram:

/media/uploads/gth646f/mobilelcdschematic1.png /media/uploads/adurand/lm386.png


Import programGT_Tuner

Simple guitar tuner

Video: (Better Video Coming Soon)

<1> Wikipedia on Goertzel's Algorithm:
<2> Goertzel Code From:

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